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Articles and Teachings by dr. michael ryce

"Why is this happening to me . . . Again?!"
"Why is every relationship the same?"
"Aren't there any decent members of the opposite sex left?"

These are common complaints, often accompanied by a host of painful emotions, extreme bewilderment and a desperate "Why?" An instant later, the culprit will be judged and sentenced. Full of remorse, those separating cry "If you would change, I wouldn't leave!"

Both parties to a conflict, in their confusion, ask the same questions and reach the same conclusions. "I'm right. You're wrong. It's settled! Why argue?!" Both are honest about their experiences, but see opposite realities. The inconsistency of alternating from absolute judgment to confusion is never realized.

In ancient times the state of "confused absoluteness" was known as "a house divided against itself." It is caused by the disease, "blockage of Personal Truth." Seldom does it occur to this confused mind that "I am the one present in every experience of my life, perhaps I'm involved and the cause of my own pain." Only for a fleeting moment can this mind conceive that it might have set up what is happening . . . again.

Pain signals blockage of Personal Truth. The person in pain easily identifies the "guilty party" and it is always "them!" The typical solution is blame, guilt and separation. So starts another downward cycle into more pain and resentment . . . again. Sound familiar?

There is an end to struggle; there is joy and aliveness beyond pain! The primary requirement for healing is a willingness to admit "If I'm in pain-- I'm in Error." Then comes a desire to do one's work. Next one must find effective tools for correction and be willing to use them consistently. Haphazard use of the tools will not produce desired relationship or financial changes and healing.

A new mind-set must be accepted to undo blockage of Personal Truth and rebuild the personal thought system that has led to confusion, pain and loss. Transformation starts with a "renewing of the mind." Through these ideas, which may at first sound crazy or impossible, thousands have healed themselves.

Total explanation of this new (though ancient) thought system is not my objective here, that would take volumes. My goal is to present practical, workable tools and a glimpse of the philosophy that backs them up. What is needed next is an open mind.

Albert Einstein

The basis for true healing of mental, physical and emotional trauma is knowing that the body is not real -- it does not exist! Scientifically, this was said best by Albert Einstein: "What we have heretofore called matter is energy whose vibrations have been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter!" Ancient teachings called matter "appearances" and cautioned not to judge by them.

What appears as a body is in fact an energy field, integrated and organized by what is in back of and superior to it. There are only two qualities of energy relative to any energy field:

1) Integrative--i.e., enthusiasm, love & joy that express as creativity, health and aliveness.
2) Dis-integrative--i.e., fear, anger, criticism or revenge that leads to pain and dis-ease.

In ancient teachings the holding of "dis-integrative" energy, called "defiling the temple" was referring to it as "sin." When this energy is stored in tissue, they warned, it violates the integrity of that tissue, causing disease. The wages, or result, of defiling your temple is that you die. This was not religious dogma, but simple physiology!!

Pain and dis-ease are beneficial signals that warn of error. Pain is never a sign of someone else's mistake. It is the body's "error message" and invites us to be responsible for the quality energ y we put into our systems. Most ignore the message, and wonder why disease strikes. They wish someone would invent a "magic bullet" that lets them continue destructive habits and never pay the piper. "Let me hate and gossip, have fear and anger, let me put down whom I wish. Let me ignore nutrition, eat junk AND PLEASE, let me be well and happy!" An insane wish! We can't sow wheat and reap corn, nor engage in negativity and have health, we are reaping as we have sown!

Failure to be aware and release negativity leads to an endless succession of similar events. Hence, the question: "Why is this happening to me . . . again?!" Inappropriate "positive thinking", pretending all is well when it is not, produces the same result. Appropriate and honest thinking is the goal; self-correction then follows naturally when in error.

The only restorative processes are those which face and release negativity. The body then uses its own recuperative powers to rebuild.


The steps to healing begin by understanding:

1. The purpose of the world is to heal you and bring joy! Anything less is self-inflicted.
2. Reality is the output of the human mind, in ancient times called the "mind of man."
3. Pretending someone else is the cause of your mind's disturbing output is projection.
4. Blaming someone else for your reality is irresponsible and the key to victimhood.
5. Feeling like a victim is destructive to mental, emotional and physical health.
6. Pain is the energy that results from holding onto dis-integrative energy. Pain warns of the need for forgiveness and healing.
7. Forgiveness is the only PERMANENT solution.
8. Forgiving is NOT something done to or for others. It is an internal healing process.
9. The transition is simple, not always easy.
10. It takes commitment and work to heal!
11. The rewards are beyond what your mind can presently conceive.

TRUE FORGIVENESS is the master release process. It is a tool that opens the energy field of the "body" and liberates stored, destructive energies. It is not "letting someone off the hook" for their offenses. The root meaning of forgiveness in the ancient Aramaic is "to cancel, untie or let loose" and is a tool for undoing or changing a reality in the mind.

Verbal release is a simple first step. Identify your emotions and thoughts. Say, aloud, if practical, "I totally release from my life and body all feelings of _______ (be specific with your feelings-- i.e., fear, anger, criticism, etc.) and I release the thoughts that _____________ (be specific with your thoughts-- life hurts, no one loves me, I'll never make it, etc.).

To summarize, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY! The requirement for liberty? Be accountable for your thoughts, your emotions and your realities. It's your life! Recognize and undo dis-integrative energies. Learn to forgive! The person or event you think "causes" pain only surfaces what is yours and is already within you. You have the opportunity to heal . . . again . . . Don't miss it . . . Again?!     


The writings of Emily Cady, Thomas Troward, Myrtle and Charles Filmore and Ernest Holmes. Fritjof Capra: The Tao of Physics.
Rupert Sheldrake: A New Science of Life. A Course in Miracles, Foundation For Inner Peace.

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